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What’s Wrong With Dating More Than One Woman?

Some people may react negatively to some of the romance advice that I give, especially when it comes to dating women.  However, I would often say that the advice I give is not really meant to advocate a certain lifestyle, 

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How To Attract Women | What Men Are Missing

Can you spot the difference between the lives of the super rich and successful from all others who just manage to survive? The difference is really simple… while the super successful try to spot out opportunities in all they do,

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Are Men Always Trying To Approach And Pick Up Women

In a interview on CNN, Steve Harvey explained why men and women cannot be “just friends”. This obviously have many people debating if Mr Harvey is right or just trying to get some PR to sell his book. Watch the

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Why Attracted Women Date Ugly Guys

It is a fact of life that most men will have their fair share of strike-outs with women. Let’s be real, we can’t have all the women we want. But I have to admit that when we get rejected, a

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