What’s Wrong With Dating More Than One Woman?

meeting womenSome people may react negatively to some of the romance advice that I give, especially when it comes to dating women.  However, I would often say that the advice I give is not really meant to advocate a certain lifestyle,  and that the choice the readers makes about his love life is really his.  This is particularly true, when the questions related to dating multiple women at the same time come up.

I had often been asked – would dating more than one woman at a time work, and my frequent answer to this is – it depends on what stage in life you are.  Even the great motivational writer and speaker, Napoleon Hill, who wrote, “Think and Grow Rich” says that men usually do not reach success in life because they made the wrong choice for a mate.

Most men tend to grab the first woman who comes along and not really giving themselves the chance to choose the right person who can help them achieve their goals.

Another thing that Hill brought up in one of his books is that men do not achieve success in their careers or businesses, until they reach their fifties, because they are so busy using up their sexual energy chasing women, rather than channeling this energy to something productive that can help them achieve success.

I believe that this is true for most men and that if you are just so focused on sexual pursuits, you would often have little time to pursue success in other areas of your life.  But if you have just one woman who understands and supports your goals, then you would have a better chance of succeeding.

On the other hand, I also believe that there is a time when dating multiple women can help.  As Hill mentioned, some men just settle for the first woman that comes along. If you do not practice dating multiple women, you may not master the art of attraction, which is necessary in order to attract more women and choose the one  who would help you reach your goals.

Dating multiple women at the same time would help you make comparisons, and would help you attract the woman with the right qualities that you are looking for.  You do not have to settle for someone whose qualities fall short of what you want to see in a mate.

So dating one woman or multiple women at the same time can both work, in my opinion, but it depends on the circumstances you are in, of course.

Keep in mind that this is tricky at best or dangerous at worst. If your goal is to do a comparison, then this might not be a bad idea but you have to be careful.

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