Why Attracted Women Date Ugly Guys

Date beautiful WomenIt is a fact of life that most men will have their fair share of strike-outs with women. Let’s be real, we can’t have all the women we want.

But I have to admit that when we get rejected, a lot of guys may think that they are not attractive, too fat or don’t have money. This is a common insecurity that both men and women share.

With that said, let me break this little bit of news to you. Looks aren’t THAT important to most women! It is important but not as much as you think.

Many women have their own way in determining what is attractive in a man and this can be used to your advantage. Guys sometimes think that girls look at men the way men look at women and judges whether or not he’s attracted to her based on her looks.

It is natural for men to assume that is how women evaluate them based on their on thinking. This belief is can sometimes be misleading. One important thing most men fail to realize is that women are very emotional creatures by nature.

If a guy is good looking, but is mean or turn her off in other ways, she may decide she not attracted to him at all. It comes down to this simple fact, men. You don’t know what type of woman is going to be attracted to you, so approach her and find out if you are the one.

Remember, if you don,t try to approach women, you will never know how successful you could have been.

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